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Events' CALENDAR Autumn / Winter 2017

Looking froward to welcoming you for our special initiatives & events this season! 

TRENDS Event Autumn 2017 
29 September 2017 

- Introducing NEW SEASON's MAKE-UP TRENDS - choose your favorite make-up look and try it on on the spot! You can book a 30’ personalised session with one of our guest make-up artists ;)
plenty of new products to discover: new make-up, new perfumes, new skin care! Let's get ready for the new season!
- With the extraordinary participation of 2 exceptional BELGIAN CLOTHING BRANDS: FACON JACMIN & ITEMS ’ 14 

Participation to the event will be limited to the number of available places. Contact us for more info / RSVP latest by 27/09/2017
Email: info@kroonenandbrown.be / Phone: 02/512 40 05

HAPPY FRIDAY of October 
EviDenS de Beauté personnalisez facial 
06 October 2017 

Depending on your & your skin's mood, you can choose from: 
    1. The DYNAMIC RITUAL – to boost the cellular activity, plump-up and tone the skin
    2. The HARMONISING RITUAL – to deeply hydrate and smooth the skin
    3. The PURIFYING RITUAL – to purify and detoxify the skin  
    4. The GLOW RITUAL – to activate the radiance of the complexion
* The special "October HAPPY FRIDAY" price for a 45’ EviDenS De Beauté facial is €35,00 - this amount will be deducted from any EviDenS de Beauté purchase made on the day. 
* Additionally, 2 EviDenS de Beauté deluxe miniatures will be offered with a purchase of minimum two EviDenS de Beauté products
For reservations and more information contact us by email: info@kroonenandbrown.be or call us at the store at 02/512.40.05
(n.b. closed on Mondays)

12 October 2017

No matter the colour, the texture & the styling of your locks  -  healthy, beautiful hair is always on trend!  And you can trust MIRIAM QUEVEDO HAIRCARE to help you get yours in its best condition! 
We have the pleasure to invite you for a personalised HAIRCARE SESSION* with MIRIAM QUEVEDO top expert Montse - who will be joining us all the way from Barcelona!
The session includes a hair & scalp analysis using a high technology micro-camera; based on the results, you will receive a diagnostic and a recommendation for a personalised haircare regime that will help you improve the heath and beauty of your hair! 
*Minimum purchase required of one MIRIAM QUEVEDO product (prices start at €28). For reservations and more information contact us by email info@kroonenandbrown.be or call us at the store at 02/512.40.05 

Discover UND GRETEL Makeup  & Meet CHRISTINA ROTH  
20 October 2017

The introduction of our new brand: UND GRETEL - the NATURAL & ORGANIC make-up from Berlin!  With the extraordinary participation of CHRISTINA ROTH - internationally renowned Berlin-based make-up artist & co-founder of the brand!  BOOK AN INDIVIDUAL SESSION* to get personalised advice & a makeup application by Christina OR JOIN US FOR THE GROUP SESSION** where Christina will explain the products and will demonstrate 2 looks using the UND GRETEL collection!
*40’ individual sessions will be booked from 13h00 till 17h30; the price for an individual session is of €45,00 - entirely deductible from any UND GRETEL purchase made on the day.
**The group session will start at 17h30 and will last until 19h30: first demo @ 17h45 / 2nd demo @ 18h30
For more info & reservations contact us by email at info@kroonenandbrown.be or call us at the store 02/512.40.05 

HAPPY FRIDAY of November 
3D Skin Analysis by ENVIRON Skincare 
03 November 2017

Your individual 40’ session* will take place in 2 steps:
• step 1: using a high technology “REVEAL IMAGER” system, the skin is analyzed from the surface to the deepest layers of the epidermis and a detailed evaluation of the skin condition is done.
• step 2: based on the diagnosis of the skin, the ENVIRON Skincare expert recommends the optimal skin care routine for you. You will receive a printed report with personalized advice.
*40' sessions will be booked as of 10h00 until 16h30 
*The price for an individual session is €35,00 – entirely deductible from any ENVIRON purchase made on the day.
For bookings and more information email us at info@kroonenandbrown.be or call us at the store at 02.512.40.05 (n.b. closed on Mondays)

HAPPY FRIDAY of December 
Your MAJESTIC FACIAL by Valmont 
01 December 2017

A session of exceptional skincare on the occasion of the launch of Elixir des Glaciers Essence Of Bees range: a collection that pays tribute to bees, flora, science, craftsmanship and luxury... Made in Switzerland.
A heavenly moment to discover the new Valmont Essence of Bees products during a MAJESTIC FACIAL of 40min*
* The price per session is €65,00 - entirely deductible from any VALMONT purchase made on the day
* A selection of deluxe miniatures Elixir de Glaciers Essence of Bees will be offered with any purchase of minimum 1 Valmont product
For reservations and more information contact us via email: info@kroonenandbrown.be or call us at the store 02/512.40.05
(n.b closed on Mondays)

Party Make-up with JANE IREDALE
19 December 2017

A personalised party make-up session* with JANE IREDALE expert Enrico Van den Bulcke.  The perfect occasion to get into the celebration spirit, beautifully! 
*From 12h00 till 19h30 - sessions of 30min/person (or 1h for 2 ;) 
On appointment only.  
*The price per session is €45/person, entirely deductible from any Jane Iredale purchase made on 19/12/2017. 
For reservations and more information call us at the store at 02-512.40.05 or email us at info@kroonenandbrown.be.