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I. Susanne Kaufmann EXPRESS Facial* (35min) @ €60,00

II. Susanne Kaufmann SIGNATURE Facials* (65min) @ 105,00

Available in 3 different formulas, depending on skin type and needs:

  1. SK Clarifying Facial

  2. SK Sensitive Facial

  3. SK Moisturizing Facial

III. Susanne Kaufmann ALKALINE Facial* (65min) @ €105,00

IV. Susanne Kaufmann ANTI - AGING (70min) @ 125,00

V. Susanne Kaufmann SIGNATURE Facial for MEN* (65min) @ €105,00

* All our SUSANNE KAUFMANN FACIALS include the following steps: 

The Susanne Kaufmann Signature Beginning Ritual 

Cleansing & exfoliation 

Susanne Kaufmann Signature Facial Massage (except for the EXPRESS Facial) 

Facial Mask application (depending on treatment type) 

The Susanne Kaufmann Signature Concluding Ritual